Sunday, September 16, 2007
A full day of food related events
Although rain was forecast for Saturday morning, it was supposed to clear up later on, and Alyssa and I decided that we needed to go out and do something. The only question was what to do. We were stumped, but I eventually came up with the idea to head down to the Chelsea Markets. The plans slowly evolved from there, as I saw an article about the Kitchen High Line Block Party, which was starting at noon on 19th St. between 10th and 11th Ave.

We made our way down to Chelsea from the Upper East Side, waited far too long for a bus to get across town and took the subway down to 23rd St. and 8th Ave. We walked over to the Block Party and found that it was mainly geared towards kids, with lots of finger painting, mask and puppet making and a reptile petting zoo, although we did manage to grab an olive twist from a little stand before we departed.

The Chelsea Market was just a few blocks away and we wasted no time taking in the sights, smells, and sounds of lots of wonderful bakeries, greengrocers, and a variety of other specialty shops filled with cheese, wine, oils and other miscellaneous goods. We eventually made our way to a tea shop located near the back of the building and had a delightful spot of tea (right around tea time even!) A summer berry mix for me and a soothingly refreshing mint for Alyssa, although we decided to get them iced given the nice weather out.

We exited out the back door, onto 15th St. and 10th Ave. and from there we headed down to 14th St. We nosed about in Bodum, which Alyssa dubbed the Ikea of kitchen supplies due to their unique designs, although they are definitely a little more upscale than the traditional Ikea. We also popped into a few of the designer stores along 14th and enjoyed browsing the luxury items therein.

Further ambling along 14th brought us to Balducci's, where we found yummy free samples, bought delicious desserts to keep us going, and I even found a jar of golden syrup, which I hadn't found anywhere since Australia. It will definitely come in handy next time I make ANZAC biscuits.

A quick stop at the bank and Barnes and Noble and we were on our way home again, briefly, before we wandered around looking for a good place for dinner. We eventually settled on V*NYL, after hopes for hibachi were dashed by a closed restaurant. Then it was a nice walk home and eventually a good night sleep -lots of good food, lots of fun.


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