Monday, April 26, 2004
Anzac Biscuits
So the next project for the day was to make Anzac biscuits. Lisa and I decided at quarter to midnight (local time) that we wanted to make them, but were lacking in Golden Syrup, Rolled Oats, and Shredded Coconut. At that point we decided to run over to Coles and get the ingredients we needed. Since they close at midnight normally, and today was techinically a holiday, we didn't know what we would find. We walked into the entrance of the shoppping plaza where it is located, and saw from a distance that the roll down walls were already pulled down, and almost turned around, but decided to check it out to be sure. As we got close we saw that the last one on the end was still open, and were told by a security guard that we had 2 minutes before the closed up. We ran through the store, found everything we needed for the cookies (plus milk) and made it out as the 2nd to last customers. Now they are in the oven, and if the dough taste is any indication of the cookie taste they are going to be fabulous.


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