Sunday, February 10, 2008
Now with more updates
For whatever reason, writing just hasnít been on my agenda much lately. Whether it is because I am writing more for work and am thus less likely to do it recreationally on the side, or something else, I am not sure, but the end result has been a dearth of personal writing.

Looking back, I guess it really has dropped off significantly since I got home from Australia, possibly due to the fact that the need to keep family and friends informed of my activities and whereabouts have diminished through the combination of being at home and the slightly less hectic lifestyle that comes with working a regular job and not being a student anymore.

Regardless, Iím going to be making an effort to write a little more, whether on here or somewhere else is yet to be determined but Iíll keep you all informed either way. Also, I may look at a bit of a redesign here, given as it has been quite a few years since Iíve played with it. Time will tell...


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