Thursday, February 14, 2008
Damn you Russell Stover
I brought a cheap heart-shaped box of chocolate into the office today (Russell Stover, with a cute kitty on the front of the package), with the intent to share it with my team. However, upon opening the box, the chocolate was slightly discolored and we weren't sure it was going to be very good. Undaunted though, we each picked one up and took a bite. Or at least we tried to.

I was the only one able to actually bite through mine, as I had managed to get one of the dreaded strawberry chews. However, I fared better than Rich, who tried to take a bite only to almost chip a tooth. His piece was so hard that even with a knife he couldn't cut it open to see what was inside. Granted, it was just a plastic knife, but even still.

So I felt guilty for having caused such trauma and vowed to make it up to everyone with new chocolates come lunchtime. Katie and I went off to Duane Reade (a drug store) and found a wide selection of picked over cards and racks upon racks of chocolates. We eventually found a bag of chocolates, that while not valentine-oriented, were perfect for our needs. So I brought them back to share.

Fortunately these chocolates went over better with the crowd! Happy Valentines Day!


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