Thursday, September 27, 2007
Dinner in 'Storia
Last night I went somewhere new for dinner and I even left Manhattan to do it. A group of friends was going out to dinner in Astoria so I hopped an N train out to Astoria Blvd. and made my way Steinway St, home of the some of the finest Hookah bars in the city. Not that we went to any of them, we just walked by them.

Where we did end up was Arunee Thai Cuisine, a nice little Thai restaurant where the 18 or so of us managed to basically take over the place and have a good time. There was also lots of picture taking going on as we had our fair share of professional photographers in the house (including one from the NY Times - look for the article in the Sunday Style section soon).

For a preview of what they might look like take a look at this one of me, which I love taken by Marc. After a few hours of food and drinks it was unfortunately time to leave and I hopped a subway back home.


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