Tuesday, September 18, 2007
The amazing maize maze
On Sunday Alyssa and I made our way through Queens to go to the 25th Annual Queens County Fair, held at the Queens County Farm Museum . We paid our $6 admissions fee and entered into a world of farmy goodness.

Our first stop was an old farmhouse where there were tours on how life used to be when living there, complete with hand churned butter and fresh pumpkin soup. From there we wandered through all the prize winning fruits, veggies, flowers, crafts and more. Some were very interesting, some were amazing, and some I had no idea what they were supposed to be, but it was the first time I can remember seeing a 'best in show' squash.

We left the tents housing the awards and checked out the 'fair' part, although we avoided the carnival games and rides and instead focused on the Renaissance aspects, with Alyssa enjoying spinning her own wool, while I watched archery and sword fighting demonstrations. Next up was frog jumping, as the pig wrestling event was canceled. We sat on a fence and looked over the heads of the kids crowding around the ring, but quickly tired of the antics of the guy running the show, and didn't really see much in the way of actual frog jumping; It was more seeing kids volunteer and then be too scared to actually touch the frogs and toads and snakes that squirmed about.

A small jug of apple cider quenched our thirst at this point, and we went into the craft demonstration house, where we saw lots of locals teaching how to sew, knit, blow glass, scrapbook, photograph, bead, and pretty much any other craft you can imagine.

Last but not least we made our way to the corn maze, or the 'Amazing Maize Maze' as they call it. This year it was done in a Wizard of Oz theme, and the goal was to find all the puzzle pieces within to form a map and to also find all the clues and use them to answer a variety of questions. All in the shortest amount of time possible of course. Alyssa and I did manage to find them all in the end (although it took a little extra encouragement from me for us to backtrack to find the last piece of the map) and we made it through in just under 50 minutes.

At this point we'd had enough and left the farm to head home. On the way, however, we espied a teacher shop where we stopped and Alyssa loaded up on all varieties of posters, borders, and other goodies. Then it was home for real, and I later headed off to my first soccer game of the fall season (which we won).


Carol School Supply? My parents live not that from from there
Oh yea that was it. I couldn't remember the name and Alyssa wasn't around when I wrote this (cause Im sure she would remember as she wants to go back there often now).
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