Tuesday, March 28, 2006
Another starbucks?
As I have been going about my job search, I have made a fair number of connections with people in all areas. Today, for the first time, I got hit by one of those rare events whereby the same name gets passed on in two seperate ways through completely different channels. This time it was a contact of my father, who also happens to be one of the speakers at a networking event I was planning on attending this Thursday.

Overall I think I am much more focused now, and really have a sense of what I want to be doing with myself as I proceed down my twisted career path. It did take a little time, and a lot of self reflection, and a few helpful nudges from different people along the way, but in the end I've come through with a better understanding of both myself and how I can go about achieving what I want out of life. Now I just have to go get it.


Good on ya! I believe you can get what you want. All the best!
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