Monday, October 17, 2005
Subway encounters
A couple weeks ago I was in New York for the day. I had bought a membership to the MOMA earlier in the day, and had gone down to the west village for lunch. After walking around a park there for a bit, I headed back into the subway to go back uptown and spotted someone on the platform who looked familiar. At the moment I couldn't place her.

We both got on the E train and were in the same car at opposite ends. After a minute or two of discrete glances, I realized who I thought it was - my photography teacher from Northwestern. Of course I then thought that it wouldn't be possible seeing as she would be in Chicago. However, when we both ended up getting off at the same stop I knew I had to go say hi.

As I approaches her, I noticed that there was a piece of tape on the case she was carrying with her name on it. Sure enough, it was Pamela Bannos, in New York for the weekend with her work in a gallery on 57th st. We spoke for a few minutes as we climbed the stairs and made our way out onto the street. It was good to see how she was doing, and a chance encounter in the subway is always a fun thing.

Other subway chance encounters will have to wait for another time though...


When are we going to bump into you in Sydney (maybe on the train eh)?

We miss you on Thursdays (and sometimes on other days)!

Come back and tango!!! ;)
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