Friday, September 16, 2005
Trained monkies
Dear train,
You suck when you break down at 2 am at a stop that isn't the one I'm supposed to get off at. It is also bad when you lose power and leave us with no air conditioning and no lights while the conductors try to open the doors. It's even worse when you decide to do this on the last train of the night and the only way that you will start moving again is if another engine comes all the way from the end of the line (an hour away) to slowly tow you along the rest of the way. I do thank you for at least having the decency to make it close enough to home that I could call someone and have them pick me up, but I don't like waking people up at 2 am to come and get me. It's just not a nice thing to make me do. In the future, train, please be respectful of me and get me to my destination on time. I'd even accept a little late under special circumstances. Just don't try and give me a 4 hour trip home.


Are you sure you are not still hiding in Sydney?

Andrew 1
Hey, welcome back stateside.. belately. Janice told me you made it back from down under intact.
Dear Andrew,
I'm sorry, but 2am is pretty late, even for me. I get tired too. I've been working hard all day hauling oversized Americans back and forth over the same streth of track. People just don't stop to consider my feelings. Ever. Sometimes, I just want to sleep. Please think of that next time one of us gets too tired to work at night.
Now I'm just curious as to who that might have been...
As the recipient of the 2AM phone call, I second that emotion......
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