Saturday, September 10, 2005
Crescent and frost
Went out on Thursday night with May, my temping co-worker from way back when. We met at her new office, and hopped on an F train downtown, with the intent to wander around the east village for a while. After getting off at Delancy, we wandered around for a bit, and found ourselves in alphabet city. We decided that dinner was in order, and stumbled upon the Life Cafe, as seen in Rent. Unable to each come up with one dish we wanted, we ended up splitting two of the daily specials, Enchiladas (in spinach, chicken, and mushroom varieties) and Lobster and Shrimp Ravioli.

After dinner, we came up with a plan to see music somewhere. We wandered back down into the east village, passing several possible candidates along the way until we found ourselves in front of The Living Room. Deciding to check out who was there, we walked in for the last song of a set by Boss Tweed. Got our drinks, and waited for the next set. The next band up was a bit more fun - to start off with, they had made copious amounts of rice and beans for us to partake in. They were slightly more mellow, with a better sound, and all the money they raised was going to a decent charity to help out with NOLA as well. Definitely enjoyable music from Sherman (the name of the band or the lead singer, I don't know).

The final set we stayed for was wonderful. Crescent and Frost is a little folk, a little country, a little bluegrass, and a lot of fun. Led by singer Maryann Fennimore (who looked very familiar to me for some reason), and accompanied on a bass, and two guitars - they were really upbeat, and high energy that left the crowd wanting more. So much so that they actually did a bit of an encore for their cheering fans (both old and newly converted). I definitely would recommend picking up a CD of theirs if it sounds like your thing at all.

After that was a subway back to Penn, where a track fire had delayed trains just enough so that I could catch one within 2 minutes of my arrival there (instead of the hour wait I was expecting). It was really a lot of fun, and great to reconnect with May again after being away.


Maymay's the bestbest, isn't she?

Introduced me to you, for one thing.

Didn't help me remember your birthday, though- but then, nothing probably helps with that.

Happy belated, dude, and welcome home.

Cool. You posted at 5:22. That's my birthday.

I'm glad you had a good time. Crescent and Frost is performing September 24 and October 8. You should go to figure out the lead singer.
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