Monday, August 29, 2005
Green walls and all
While my mom and I were in Melbourne, we had the fortune of stumbling upon an old tea house inside one of the arcades that connect many streets there. It was a wonderful old room with tall vaulted ceilings, and beautiful moldings arcing throughout the whole place. What was more impressive to me though was our waiter. He had such a flair for making every customer feel like they were the most important person there, complemented the tea choices, and went to try and coax up another piece of one of the desserts when he thought they were out. Even though we had to settle for the 2nd choice on cake, something about his style just made you glad to be there, and you couldn't help but smile when he spoke.

As luck would have it, his shift ended in the middle of our time there, and although the rest of the staff was very nice, it was a completely different (although still very good) experience. Just before leaving though, he imparted one bit of general trivia to all us patrons. 'Pound for pound, hamburger is more expensive than a new car' Gives you something to think about, ey?


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