Saturday, May 28, 2005
Social Soccer
I took a short break from all the lab work yesterday afternoon to head down to ISS for the monthly social soccer game (which occured directly after the first Knit and Yarn session that I unfortunately could not attend). Three strong, we paraded down to the Physics lawn that we call a soccer field with ball, orange cones, and refreshments in hand. There was already a game in progress on one side of the lawn, and we started to join them through OJ bribery, but within a few minutes another half dozen people showed up to play.

We set up our own field on the other side of the lawn, started picking teams and warming up and by the time we were done, the group had swelled to 14. With even teams, we played a slightly uneven game for about an hour before our unofficial halftime. At that point I was nominated to go find out if we could get any chocolate based refreshments for the players. After returning to ISS, I brought back some chocolates and jelly beans along with Sophie and her digital camera. We played for another 20 minutes or so while she took some pictures, and the game was called on account of darkness as the sun slid low over the horizon just minutes before 5.


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