Wednesday, May 11, 2005
Desperate Thursdays
Thursdays used to be movie night at the Meymotts, but since the shift to a new location (the Blenheims), we've had a content shift as well I guess. They have become desperate housewives nights here, at least for some of us. Despite it being aired on Monday evenings on free TV here, the magic of time shifting (the legality of which is still under massive debate in Oz) allows us to make Thursday evenings come alive with the mysteries of Wisteria Lane.

In addition, for a number of weeks there has always been a dessert of the evening, which has ranged from cheesecakes to krispy kreme to rum soaked bread with apple pie gelato. I may have to come up with some yummy cookies if I have a chance after I get back from the lab later today. It won't be the same as cheesecake from our former sweets guru, but I'm sure the hungry masses won't complain.


Well, there are many other gurus out there, so fret not!

And I have watched it all the way up to episode 19!
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