Wednesday, April 13, 2005
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Lab is becoming more like a full time job now, leaving not enough time for everything else. I think that's a good thing in some ways - gives me more experience in the lab working on various projects and getting my hands dirty (in cow brain puree for instance). Yesterday and today I spent cleaning my 2 cow brains, picking out the blood clots and removing the grey matter before tossing them into a blender to make a nice strawberry milkshake looking thing. You wouldn't want to drink it though. Then one of the chemicals that I needed to add to the mixture was unavailable in the form I needed, so I had to make a small substitution with the result that I believe the final product won't be as antibacterial as expected - hopefully bacteria won't be growing tomorrow when I freeze dry it into a fine powder.


All sounds delicious!

Bo-ring. (Yeah, yeah... kidding)
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