Thursday, February 03, 2005
Snooze 'n Lose
When I was younger my Nana and Papa took my brother and I to Disney World several times, and were ever gracious enough to bring their kids (my mom and aunts) along for several of the trips. The days often started on the later side, with an hour of Madrock (read: Matlock) before we made it out of the hotel. Then it was normally a full day at one of the parks, be it Disney or Universal or whatever was around, before heading out to dinner on the somewhat later side. Upon getting back to the hotel after dinner, everyone normally went to bed while I found a light to read by, often ending up in the bathtub, or crouched over with a flashlight somewhere.

Not too far from the hotels where we stayed was a water park, called wet 'n wild. Danny and I would beg to go there quite often, but time after time we were denied. One night, we had just finished dinner at a steak house somewhere in Orlando, and right after we got into the car to go back to the hotel I fell asleep. It wasn't a long drive, but I was out like a light (A talent I still have today). Upon arriving back at our hotel, I was woken up and immediately asked how I could sleep for so long. I hadn't thought I'd been out long, but I believed them, I was 11 years old. Then they dropped the bombshell, I'd missed wet 'n wild.

Everyone was in on it, as they started describing the various waterslides, wave pools, and everything else a kid dreams about. Still slightly dazed, I felt betrayed. How could they do that to me- just leave me in the car while they all went out and had fun. At that point I knew that if it was just my mom saying it, I wouldn't have believed it, and I wouldn't have been surprised if my brother attempted to chime in, using that very hoarse voice that always seemed to come over him down there. However, when my nana told me they tried to wake me and that she stayed in the car with me in case I woke up, what else was I do but believe it somewhat, even if I fully denied it outright to everyone talking to me.

I knew by the next day it was a joke, clearly no one was wet and there were no bathing suits around that evening, but to this day they all insist that it happened. And every time I fall asleep when they are all around, upon waking its a near sure thing that someone will tell me that I just missed wet n wild.


1. You think THATS bad? How about the time I fell asleep in the car and upon waking up, was told that I missed DINNER and would have to go the night without anything. Talk about cruel - at least you got steak!

2. I don't think this has been brought up when you've fallen asleep in the past 10 years. Nice try, though.
Sorry to inform you Dan, but just a few weeks ago I was reminded of this tragic event yet again.
Dear Andrew,
Please consider this a formal apology. If I knew our kidding around would scar you so, I would never have allowed it. I certainly don't want you blaming your mother for sending you right to the therapists couch. I unequivicably state for the record...............we did not go to Wet N Wild, and if we had, I would have carried you on my back sleeping, so you could share in the experience :).
You know how much I love you so I don't have to embarass you here with all that.
So does this mean I can't blame you any more for all my problems? Darn!
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