Friday, February 18, 2005
Run or walk
This evening was the infamous ISS/ISD pub crawl. This bi-annual event for new students introduces them to some of the wonderful bars the rocks has to offer. Several of us peer mentors led large groups of students to the buses downtown, after meeting at ISS. Our first stop was the Orient Hotel, after which the groups split up to be able to fit all 60 or so of us in the various pubs. Some went to the Lord Nelson Hotel, while others, including my group, went to the Hero of Waterloo. The traditional friday evening irish and celtic music was in full swing and some of us hit the tiny dance floor (the space between the tables). When the musicians took a drink break, we took the opportunity to head to our next place, which was supposed to be the Australian Hotel, but extreme overcrowding led us to choose the Glenmore Hotel instead, with it's rooftop bar overlooking the harbour and city.

From there various groups headed to the Mercantile Hotel, while some went to the Observer Hotel, where more free music reigned. The last stop of the evening was Jacksons on George, where the second floor Luna Lounge left everyone craving a little less R&B. There's only so many times you can hear the same songs being played over in the same night till it starts to get old, but for a free nightclub (before 10:30) it's not really that bad. The bar downstairs has better music, but is more for socializing and less for dancing- you can even hear yourself speak sometimes down there. A few hours at Jacksons and I was ready to call it a night, so Sherlee and I made our way to the bus stop, and I ran ahead to catch my bus that was just pulling up. A good night, and always fun to talk to the new kids and help them enjoy a bit more of Sydney. Next up for mentoring is Watsons Bay on Sunday.


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