Saturday, October 09, 2004
The results are in (enough of them to matter anyway). The coalition government will remain in power with John Howard as their leader for the 4th consecutive victory. In addition to taking over 80 of the 150 seats in the House of Representitives, the coalition is also poised to take a majority in the Senate, giving them ultimate control over the Australian government for the next 3 years. We can only hope this is not a preview of the American elections next month.

In US election news, liberterian and green party candidates Badnarik and Cobb were arrested for attempting to serve papers to the Commission on Presidential Debates. Anyone seen or heard a word of this from a major news outlet or was it just swept under the rug?


Vacuumed up would be more like it. Who are those guys anyway................
Haven't seen it in the paper, but it's been in dozens of blog entries the past few days.

Now what HAS made the paper here is the controversy over whether Bush's handlers have him wired up with an earpiece and radio receiver.

bush's handlers? i love that! makes him sound like an endangered simian. except he's not endangered ... yet? are you sending in an absentee ballot? :)
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