Sunday, October 24, 2004
A squirrel in New Hampshire
After a one day interlude, the deluge of rain is back again, this time with thunder and lightning to spice things up a bit. Unfortunately most of it has been some really great cloud to cloud lightning, making sitting and watching the window a popular pastime for procrastinators. I did manage to get out earlier when it was just drizzling for a bit of a walk to stretch out the legs a bit, and decided on my way home that caramel slices would be another wonderful way of making the time go by. So they are in the oven now, and will just need to be topped with the chocolate and thrown in the fridge till they set. Eventually I'll have to get down to some work, but there will be plenty of time later as the Sunday night movies are definitely not top quality this week.


Caramel slices.............sounds yummy!
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