Monday, October 11, 2004
The Iso-dam
It's come to my attention that some of you people out there may have stumbled across this page while looking for info on BME 308. Unfortunately, you won't find any of my old lab reports here, although I'm willing to answer any questions you might have about them. So feel free to email me questions you might have that it's too late to bring up to Walsh (and whoever else is teaching it this year, Perreault?). I'm in Australia so your 2 am questions the day before the write ups might have a shot at getting answered before you have to sweat through those long hours in the lab. One last thing; All of you should consider coming down under for grad school here at UNSW, where the biomed program is great and you'll get to have a wonderful time too. Ask Olga, she'll tell you.


Hello Andrew. I have a question about BME. Why is my int'l relations class in that building? And how come you all have comfy padded seats? Us arts kids are used to the plastic chair for three hours.

My real question is if you could email me the photos you have from your birthday sometime. I've failed the tourist picture taking department and only have three rolls of film for eight months. If you have any others possibly with me in them or at parties or events we both were at could you forward them too?

Please and thank you. In return I'll give you a picture of yourself wearing a pot on your head at Dylan's. Thanks again. See you around in the next little bit.

hi! bananamelon on xanga. parents were giving me issues with the other one. )=
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