Thursday, October 21, 2004
I can talk too
It's not often that I get trumped for words in 3 successive posts, but I guess that's what happens when you live your life in the computer lab. Incidentally, that's where most of them come from too, but it's a lot easier to throw it up on here than to type a full entry of my own thoughts out. Anyway, today was Oktoberfest here, and despite the piles of work in my inbox, at 4:45 myself, Andrew the first, Josh, and Aofie took a quick jaunt down to the roundhouse for an hour of music, beer, and bratwurst before heading up to our class (which was at the local hospital today). We were a few minutes late getting up there, but the prof, hailing from NJ himself originally, was fine with it as we knew he would be. We got our assignments back, he gave us a few notes about the final, and then told us that he was meeting a guy for dinner who'd just flown in from Canada and so let us out at quarter after 7 instead of taking it till 9 as we expected. Thus, a band of us headed to the Royal, our favorite after class pub just across from the hospital and had a beer and some wedges before heading back home and having to get geared up again for some more work on the lab reports due tomorrow. One of the reports is basically done, just needing a conclusion, while the other still has a bit more to do, but both are definitely finishable by noon tomorrow, 5 hours ahead of schedule.


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