Friday, October 08, 2004
Good riddance
Another week gone by. Three more assignments turned in, one paper, one problem set and one lab. Next week (week 11) is a paper on a connective tissue of my choice, followed by 2 labs and the lab books associted with them in week 12. The following week is anohter lab report and 2 quizzes. Week 14 is 2 papers, one on spinal cord injuries and one on amputees (both the biomechanics of...) as well as a final, an oral report on the biomechanical properties of artificial and another presentation that is still to be confirmed and a problem set that will likely be due. Following that will be finals, with one on the 19th of November in the afternoon (The Physics and Chemistry of Artifical and Biological Polymers) and another on the 25th of November (yes Thanksgiving) (Mechanical Properties of Biomaterials). So thats my life for the next month or so. Hopefully I can get some of it done a little early to take the pressure off the end, but its still going to be a stressful month. I'm looking forward to it being done and relaxing over the summer (and winter).


WOW! I am impressed. Actually, overwhelmed. Sounds like a tremendous amount on your plate. I am thinking of you and know you can handle. And then there is your trip home to look forward to.....................
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