Monday, October 04, 2004
Go cats!
And for anyone watching out there, Northwestern beat Ohio State this weekend, 33-27 in overtime. It was only 33 years since we last beat them (and 4 years since we last beat a team ranked under 10 [Against Wisconsin in September of 2000 when it took double OT for us to win]). Alas the goalposts are still standing, as the students once again failed to topple them (although we came close after the Michigan game in 2000 [NU 54 Michigan 51] when we did manage to bend them sufficiently to need a post celebration adjustment).


And on this subject I had to suffer through a very upset father-in-law at dinner last night in Florida over the wonderful NU victory over his beloved Buckeyes. Thank you for putting it to those damn Ohioans!!!!!
I missed the Ohio State game! I didn't think we even had a shot to win (sorry to say). That 2000 Michigan game will always be my favorite!
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