Wednesday, October 13, 2004
The future's so bright...
So today ended up topping up at 38C, just a hair over 100F. After a sweltering morning in a classroom without air, and only an occasional stale, warm breeze coming through the windows which only open cracks I went downtown with Sherlee on a top secret mission. After the long ride on the bus through lunchtime traffic we got out and wandered through the Pitt Street Mall and the various other shops and stores that surrounded it. Gift purchases complete, we did a little shopping of our own, and I actually found a pair of sunglasses that looked good on me. A little more expensive than I wanted, but such a rare find that I couldn't say no. Sherlee got a pair as well, and then after a brief stop for a drink I caught the bus home, to my breeze ventilated apartment. It saves on the electricity, but on a day like today it would be nice to have ac.


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