Friday, October 29, 2004
And now 14
One more week gone by, just one more week of classes left. Too many assignments still left to count, and with my test that was supposed to be today being moved back to next Friday, it gives me something to do for every class next week. So in a week my load should be 1 paper, 1 final, 1 presentation, 1 assignment, and 1 test lighter. 2 more finals, another paper and a lab practical report will still have to get done in the following couple weeks, but after week 14 (next week) I think things will be a lot easier around here. Hard to believe it will be November soon too. Then its just a few weeks till I get to come on home and visit everyone.

Tonight will be my weekend concession to fun, with dinner and a movie with a couple people. The Manchurian Candidate I believe. Off now... till later.


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