Tuesday, August 31, 2004
Yarn spinning
I never thought of myself as a good storyteller. (I mean that in the true [as opposed to the lie] sense of the word). But recently I've actually gotten compliments on words I've written in a non technical environment (namely here). The question I have to ask myself now is whether writing for years on this here blog thing has actually improved my writing, or if its reading other great writers out there (many of whom are linked on the left hand side over there- check em out!). And I think deep down inside I'm wondering why every few months there needs to be some entry loaded up with parens and squabs and double meanings at every corner.

Actually, when I sat down to write this post, it was going to be an insightful look at how my storytelling has progressed on here. Although the attempts have been few and far between to tell a personal life story from the non immediate past, I have been pleased with what I've written so far. What I do wish is that I had the always mystical 'idea of things to write about' fairy hanging around me more often, giving me inspiration for political rants and scathing diatribes about this, that, and the other thing. In the end I think I sometimes am writing for the crowd which, to be fair, is part and purpose for this site. I am far away from home and I do want to keep them informed about my life and my adventures in the land of unswirling toilets, but I'm wondering if I'm not showing myself true by refraining from potentially dangerous content. Or maybe I just don't have the ideas for them. I guess next time some crazy story pops into my head I'll just have to set it down here and see the reaction and decide if that's a route worth going down, or if it's even one I would choose if I could.


non swirling toilets.................more please
Yep, the water just rushes in and gets sucked out real quick. You never get to see the swirling actually happening like you do back in the US. Although you can see it in the bathtub, no worries.
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