Sunday, August 15, 2004
Wouldn't it be nice
Before Dylans party last night, Lisa and I had dinner at Joe, Kevin and Jeff's place. Dinner was spaetzle, a dumpling made from from flour, milk, eggs and semolina. They were served cooked with onions and cheese. It was a different flavor than anything I was used to, but it was really good. There was also a salad with Joe's patented lemon dressing and garlic bread which didn't make it out of the microwave till after dinner had been finished.

After dinner we almost got sucked into Police Academy 2, but managed to tear ourselves away and make it down to the party, but not until we saw a cadbury commercial, which included the lyrics 'And if a shark came up and tried to bite you
You could say "I'm chocolate I invite you"'. The lyrics, all of which can be found here while funny on their own, don't do justice to actually seeing the commercial. At that part of the commercial, the surfer sees a shark, turns to the side, pulls his swimsuit down, points at his butt to the shark and wiggles it at him. Just too funny.


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