Monday, August 02, 2004
Soooo Good. Teen girl squad style.
When I was a kid I, like many others, loved chocolate milk. We would buy the hersheys chocolate syrup and when squeezed into a cold glass of milk would make for a healthier snack than cookies or candy. When we would go out to eat, my brother would often order chocolate milk, which was better than soda in our parent's eyes. In restaurants however, they make it differently. Almost invariably the chocolate syrup goes in before the milk, leaving the bottom of the glass coated in chocolate gooeyness. To me this practice was an outrage, because try as you might, you could never scrape off all the chocolate with your spoon, whereas when you put the milk in first all the chocolate got mixed in.

Regardless, as my brother and I got older we discovered U-bet, a slightly goopier syrup that made even better chocolate milk than the hersheys of old. We even ended up getting one of those push top dispensers for it by sending in labels from a few jars of it, although by the time they came off, the labels were sticky and thick with dried syrup.

Once at college I rediscovered Nesquik, the powdered chocolate mix that I had really only had on rare occasions when I was younger. It quickly became my chcolate of choice to add to milk, and was soon a staple in my cupboard. Finally, when I came to Australia I was introduced to Milo. It is slightly grittier than Nesquik, and although good in certain things and hot drinks, I quickly reverted to the Nesquik for my chocolate milk cravings.

One thing has remained constant throughout all the years though, and that is how I drink it. I use a spoon. I don't know how it started, although I remember doing it as a little kid. I use a spoon to mix it up and then, one spoonful at a time, drink-slurp the glass. Sometimes to get the very last drops I would actually drink from the glass, but more often then not I would tip the glass into the spoon, making a mess, but allowing me to get the last spoonful out via spoon. I know this process sounds crazy, but as a kid it did let me drink chocolate milk for a long time, cause I would only get a teaspoon to use. As I grew so did my spoon size, and a tablespoon is my utensil of choice now, making it go faster, but still giving me more time to savor the flavor than if I were to gulp it down.

So if you see me drinking something with a spoon out of a cup, its likely not the soup you might have thought. Its chocolate milk.


But that U-Bets is sure good on top of ice cream. Have a bottle of it here waiting for your return. If you insist, I will go out and get some Nesquik too........
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