Sunday, August 29, 2004
A slacker with a nice pair of shoes
So the title really says it all. I've been working hard on a paper all weekend and managed to get not enough done. It's not due till Tuesday, and with no class tomorrow it shouldn't really be too hard to finish up, but it just doesn't feel great. I think the main problem is the lack of definition on what we are supposed to be doing for it, cause the assignment is to provide an overview of how biomechanics can be applied in rehabilitation. Now this could be done in either a very short broad paper, or an extremely long and detailed one, but a 3000 word piece is just in that middle range where its going to feel awkward no matter what I write. Back to the grind I guess. Oh and the cool shoes are green and not mine and in fact this picture is almost 5 years old. But since I put it online for something else I figured some of you might want to see me in my long haired glory once again.


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