Friday, August 13, 2004
I need a dictaphone
While showering I always seem to get these amazing thoughts that flow really well and sound incredible while they flow through my head. By the time I get done with it though, and everything I need to take care of for the day, the ideas have long since flown the coop and I'm left standing around with a few scant handfuls of half formed ideas, scratching to make them sound coherently strung together.

That basically sums up my day for today, with a moving essay on the tragic annulments that took place today in California, which was going to segue into Australias gay marriage ban and finally sum up and tie together loose ends regarding Governor McGreevey's coming out/resignation and the inexplicable ties between homosexuality and political meddling being the lost topic. You can still read all the stories though, and I'm sure my position comes across right as rain, but I do wish I had some of my earlier thoughts back to write down. They may have been more filled with raw emotion, but I think they better suited what I wanted to say here.


Great idea for your next birthday present. Now the trick will be to find a waterproof one............
Yea, the only problem is that I'd never use it as they currently are cause I'd just never bring it when it would be useful. It should just be one of those things that magically appears when you want it there, records your thoughts without you actually speaking, and edit them down into what you were meaning to say, keeping in tune with your style of writing. Find me one that does that and go for it!
You want everything!............
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