Monday, August 09, 2004
Getting to know you
This is the time when I get to know a little bit more about everyone who is reading this thing. Whether you are a regular reader, or a first timer I want to know who you are and a little bit about you. This is for me as well as for all of you, so feel free to say how you know me, what you want others to know about you or just whatever comes to mind. And please sign your comments on this one. Just because I know who is commenting doesn't mean that everyone else does.

I'm sure you all get it, but as an example, and for anyone new who doesn't know me well, I'm Andrew. came about after an intense debate with my college roomates over what we wanted our post-college email addresses to be. After losing out on our first choice to an Irish golf tour company over at we decided on this one, which edged out over Taken from an Eddie Izzard routine on speed archaeology, smallwalls became the new home of this website as well. Oh, and I'm 22 and getting my masters in Biomedical Engineering at UNSW in Sydney, Australia.

So that's me and my association with this site. Tell me about you and yours.


Hi Andrew,

I'm almost caught up on your blog from all summer!
This is Janice. I met Andrew my junior year at Northwestern, when he lived a few doors down from me on the 2nd floor in Willard. He'd posted to a Moxy Fruvous website about wanting to go to the concert in Chicago, and my friend Jeremy emailed him back. Jeremy told me there was this guy down the hall from me, so I stopped by. That's how it all began.
Hi Andrew,.............guess who! Of course you know from all the dots but for everyone else, here are some clues. I met Andrew face to face on September 4, 1981 at exactly 1:23 in the afternoon. He was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen, even if he took forever to see the light of day. Since that moment I have loved him and cared for him and have watched him grow into the most wonderful young man that he is. So, I assume you have by now figured it out, but for those of you who have not, this is Andrew's MOM!
hi lange! i'm mostly keeping up with your postings! (= i get jealous at how cool you are when i read about you, and sometimes it gets to be too much for me to handle...
hi everyone else! i'm jess, and i went to high school with andrew. i think i heard him speak a grand total of about 3 sentences the first few years i knew him. then we had psychology together and he got me in trouble with the teacher. something involving a paper airplane covered with slander of some sort. then we went to college. the end.
or is it? muahahahaha...
Hi there!
Well, I do try to keep up with what you're doing and where you are by reading this wonderful little blog of yours while I'm at work...
I never really met Andrew. A few years ago --wow-- I was using a search engine to look for Moxy Fruvous information when I stumbled upon his old page (you know, the one that said "Happy Halloween" for a year?). I decided to e-mail him because he had great taste in music, was incredibly interesting, and looked eerily like my physics teacher. We talked on AIM after a few times e-mailing back and forth. Though I have never given in to his original scanning request (maybe someday haha), we've kept in touch ever since! Now I don't know him all too well, but he seems like a very successful, nifty guy and is darn lucky to be in Australia right now... I'm quite jealous. I bet this kid will be famous someday!
I'm currently an Environmental Chemistry major at the State University of New York at Oswego, a volunteer EMT, and sing whenever I can wherever I can. I hope heaven is full of hiking trails and coloring books. I donít drink cola or eat mashed potatoes, but I do like eating Goldfish crackers covered in vanilla frosting. I don't know where I'd be without my family and friends. Oh, did I mention my hair changes colors every month?
My name is Rachel from North Tonawanda, NY
And I read Andrew's journal :-)
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