Saturday, August 07, 2004
The Biomed Ball
Went to my first ball here in Australia this evening. Dinner and dancing at Pavilion on the Park, a lovely little place right across from the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Dinner was a 3 course meal, consiting of either salad or scallops, chicken or lamb, and chocolate cake or apple crisp. The way it was served was that everyone at the table got an alternating dish, and you were just supposed to swap to get what you wanted. It worked out alright, and I got to try everything in the end. There also was unlimited wine, beer and champagne, so everyone was enjoying themselves thoroughly.

Highlights of the evening were the star and heart confetti that was stuck to everyones faces by the middle of the main course, dancing with Bruce, the professor who threw us a party in class last week, and the wigs which were brought by someone at our table and helped to really put the 70's into the party.

I ended up sitting with Lisa, Aoife and 5 of her non biomed friends, variously from England, Ireland and Australia, so our table was a good mixture of internationals. One of the couples were named Paul and Esther, leading to my terrible pun about what they could have worn if they were Spanish. (Leave groans in the comments when you figure it out)

Afterwards we headed downtown to try and find a place to go, but the Arthouse, where some people went had a 25 dollar cover, more than we wanted to pay, so a few of us decided to forgo further festivities and make our way home, while others went in search of a cheaper place to carry on the party.

Pictures from the night will be put up soon, complete with wigs and stars and everything else you'd expect from a night like this.


So glad you went. Sounds like fun. Obviously my spanish is lacking but my curiosity is peaked. Can't wait to see the pictures..............
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