Tuesday, August 10, 2004
And the fork ran away with the chicken?
You know dinner is good when even your fork doesn't want to let it go. Lisa and I made a blue cheese stuffed chicken breast, baked in a cream of chicken soup with a side of home made rice pilaf which actually combined brown and white rice, pine nuts, carrots and onions. No parisian carrots though. Halfway through the meal I took a bite and got a little more than I bargained for. My fork decided that would be a good moment for the tines to detach themselves from the handle and stay put in my mouth, with the bit of chicken still stuck on the end. A split second of puzzlement went by before I burst out laughing and reached up to withdraw the offending utensil from my mouth. Unfortunately, once let loose, my laugh could not be contained and I had to leave the table to regain my compuse (and procure a new fork). Ultimately the meal was polished off, with a bit of leftovers for tomorrow, and another piece of silverware that needs to be repaired.


Thought you had a better upbringing then to eat your fork at dinner. But then again, you were always a "separate food eater"

Where are your manners? Didn't I teach you not to eat the utensils? And no parisian know they are the sweetest. None the less, it all sounds delicious, and once again, I look forward to your being home and cooking for me for a change........
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