Sunday, July 18, 2004
The Suit
Last night I was joined by Sam, Jeff and Kevin as we headed downtown to the Russian Film Festival. We started the chilly night off with some warm Vietnamese soup before taking the bus to Taylor Square and heading off to find the place. It was held in a small arts theatre called The Chauvel, which we eventually found after walking about twice as far as we needed to in the rain which got steadily worse as the evening wore on. The theatre is actually nestled in the back of the town hall of Padington, and on the first go by we completely missed it, but we'd left plenty of time, so it was just good exercise to work off dinner. We went in, bought our tickets, and found we were the first ones there. Fortunately, they also served drinks, we we bought wine and beer and went to sit in one of the many available areas in the lobby. It had a great atmosphere with independent movie posters all over, both new and old, as well as flyers for all the upcoming events.

More people arrived, the hour passed, and we went in to the movie, 'The Suit'. It was about 3 boys who must have a suit they see in a shop window, and how they go about making the money, and the aftermath of aquiring said suit. Although funny at times, there was also an element of seriousness to it, but in the end it fell apart somewhat. Too many of the plot lines never went anywhere, and characters were shown to be in trouble and then never heard from again. We all left wondering what happened to the parents of each of the boys, as they appeared to be in crisis situations, none of which was resolved. Maybe it is just the Russian style, but coming from a world where every movie ties up all the loose ends in a nice pretty bow (or leaves one avenue open for a sequel), it was somewhat dissapointing.

After the movie we headed over to Mickeys, a little cafe just up the street from the theatre, and ordered ice cream sundaes and various fruit crumbles. I ended up getting a pear and rasberry crumble topped with ice cream and custard that was just amazing, and quite huge. We ate, went through bottles and bottles of water and ended up basically closing the place down several hours after we got there. The night was filled with lots of fun and laughter, very strong wind gusts that blew flyers all over other customers, and even a waitress from Boston who'd lived in Short Hills for a few years. It was great just to sit around and laugh and not get a check thrown on the table right after we finished eating. In the end though, we just made it a wetter walk back to the bus stop for ourselves as the rain started coming down heavier, but it was well worth it for such a great night. The movie might not have been the best, but the company was definitely awesome.


Sounds like you are having fun. And the icecream sounds wonderful!................M
Sounds great - even though you had no weekend plans, seems like it worked out well. Having fun in Ft Lauderdale ourselves and heading down to South Beach now. Back to NJ tomorrow for two days and then back to Florida for three and then home again for the weekend. Hard to beleive it's Visiting Day weekend already coming up. We'll be at camp the following weekend. Continue to enjoy everything!!!

Dad and Mo
You once told me your favorite ice cream was mint chocolate chip. You've come a long way since then with all those concotions you describe. Since ice cream is my favorite food, I can appreciate your experimentation.I try the different flavors too, but always come back to my all time favorite- coffee. Guess I'm just a caffeine junkie!
Have fun and keep well.
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