Saturday, July 10, 2004
Some drought we're having
It's raining again. Yes, another post about the weather, but I'll probably back date a couple things for the past few days later on today. Regardless, every day since Wednesday has been an overcast day. At no less than half a dozen times each day, the clouds open up and let out massive quantities of rain in a short time period. In addition, there are numerous lighter periods, none of which lasts more than 15-20 minutes. Why hasn't Sydney rain been able to produce a continuous shower, at least then we'd know whether or not to bring a rain coat when going out. This way you never can tell if you're going to be rained on. In addition, has predicted no rain for any of these days until the day of, so every day I go look at the weather to find out the partly cloudy that was supposed to be has transformed into the showers, moderate showers, showers likely, etc. that I see now, but they keep telling me tomorrow will be nice. Almost makes me feel like Alice in Wonderland- jam tomorrow, jam yesterday, but never ever jam today.


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