Saturday, July 03, 2004
The Green Devil
Back home in New Jersey, Friday night often meant sushi night. I would join my mom and Richard and anyone else who felt like coming along to dine at Fujiyama Mama, on South Ave. in Westfield. The manager there knows us by now, having gone there almost weekly for quite a while, and if we call and let him know we are coming in, he saves us our booth. Traditionally, I would order one of the fruity alcoholic drinks, and the waiter or waitress would come over, see it was us and ask if we wanted our normal Spider, Spicy Tuna Roll, Green Devil, as well as a couple others. We'd eat, drink, and then order some more typically. If we were in the mood, we would ask for it in a boat, not because it means anything different, just cause it was another fun way of presenting it, something which they were very good about. When I left Westfield to come down to Sydney, I didn't think I would find a sushi restuarant as good as back home.

Turns out I was right, I haven't found a restaurant as good here. Luckily, it tastes great and is tons of fun to make it on your own. Tonight was sushi night. At around 8pm I joined Peter, Sara(h), Gwen, Nina, Andy and Jeff for sushi. This wasn't just any sushi though, this was homemade, hand rolled sushi, the fillings of which were chopped by hand under the watchful eye of chef Jeff. We were all taught the basics of making the rolls, by spreading a thin layer of rice on a piece of seaweed, and then placing several bits of filling in the center before rolling it up and eating it. The filling choices were crab sticks, fish sticks, tuna, egg, cucumber, carrot, celery, avocado, and onions, with soy sauce and wasabi to be added to taste. It was a fun thing, and never having made it myself made it a fun learning experience too. Funny how I don't mind having learning experiences now that finals are over.

After sushi we decided we needed dessert, and since there was nothing around in the house we went over to Sugarplum, the local ice cream shop. Unable to pick one, I settled on a 2 scoop mint chocolate chip/tiramisu in a waffle cone. Then we all went over to the benches which surround The Spot (where the ice cream place is located). As we were sitting there we kept getting odd looks from passerbys. At Nina's insistance, we took a picture of all of us sitting there, eating ice cream in the cold, all 7 of us lined up on a little wooden bench that could hold 5 comfortably. A few minutes after the picture a woman even came up to us and told us we should take a picture cause we looked so cute. Then it was just a short trip home to now get a good night sleep.


Sounds like fun. Can you post the picture on your site? As for the sushi, we miss you everytime we go....and you know we go often. Just went last night (Friday of course), and we had been there on Monday before that. While Danny was home, we broke him in and he is now a Fujiyama Mama sushi fan. Can't wait til we can all go together, but glad you had a fun time making and eating it there in Australia. When you come back to the states, you'll have to make it for us..................Mom
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