Thursday, June 03, 2004
Tim Tam Groupies
There's a new club that started up tonight. Founded by myself and my groupie lisa, the Tim Tam Groupies came together, originally as a band but quickly evolving into more of a social group. With new recruit Lestat, Sam's alter ego, and the promise of many more dedicated followers to join tomorrow at Coffee Catch-up, the Tim Tam groupies seem well on their way to greatness. Now we just need a mission statement other than 'eat lots of Tim Tams'.


So what's the deal with the groupie Lisa? Tell us more!
I'm guessing that came from NASA? And anyway, we were just talking on IM and something triggered the response Tim Tam groupies, to which I replied that it would make a great band name. I asked Lisa to join and she said she'd be the bands groupie, hence a Tim Tam groupie groupie.
Amigo, I read your site, but I haven't posted on it until now. I didn't even see this post until yesterday, whether your IP address log or however you thought you tracked the comment is correct or not. So, no, that question did not come from NASA... I do talk with Lisa every now and then, so I would either ask her directly about being a groupie or ask you directly through e-mail instead of posting anonymously. Sorry for any confusion.

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