Thursday, June 10, 2004
One down
Finished my first class of the semster last night with it's 3 hour online final. A whole range of techinical issues made sure we didn't start till 30 minutes after we should have, and although I didn't have any problems since I finished before the end of the time, I think people who tried to save it after 9:10pm (when they still should have had 20 minutes left) weren't able to. I was quite amazed at how unprepared the professor and tutors were for any sort of problems, and that they didn't have a good way of coping with them other than to just get their student numbers and have them wait. I'm not sure if they got extra time or how it ended up working out for them, but I'm hoping they got to take their exam.


Can't believe it's finals time already. Time does certainly fly............even if I do miss you way over there. .........who else but... MOM
Chances of Andrew failing his first final? 100%. WHO ELSE BUT...........Danny!
Chances of Danny making it as a group leader... 0... who else but (see below)
Now, now boys. Let's kiss and make up! NOW!!! .... none other than.............MOM
Jeez, this family is lame. Myself included.
Oh yeah - that was Dan, as if you didn't know.
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