Thursday, June 17, 2004
Not a drop you'd want to drink
I know now why most laundry rooms have vents that lead to the outside world. The dryer has been going for almost 2 hours now in our tiny little room with no ventilation. The humidity in the room is hovering somewhere around 118% and every surface is covered in droplets of water. Unfortunately if we do not close the sliding door, this symptom persists throughout the apartment, so we are forced to close the door and make due with the concentrated effects therein. What I didn't expect was for there to be as much water as there was. It wasn't a leak of any sort, just simply all the condensation and the force of gravity over a couple hours. The result was a floor that really shouldn't have been stepped in, and a foot which now requires sterilization, as the dryer lacks a decent lint trap. The trap it does have is a little circle which pops over the front of the dryer, but which somehow manages to let lots of little partcles fly by, along with hairs and other things which don't belong. Anyway, hopefully the towels in there will be dry soon so I can use them to clean up the mess and then throw them right back in the wash and start the cycle over again.


If you start the cycle over again how does it ever end? Or does it just keep on going forever?

Poor baby................M
oh dear.
yeah, next time we break the vicious cycle by opening the laundry room window. although i will miss the rainforestlike atmosphere we have come to know and love.
wait - you've been in australia for 4 months now. is this the first time you've done your laundry? (= -jess
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