Tuesday, June 15, 2004
A long way to walk for oporto
This morning Cindy, Lisa and I took off to do the coastal walk from Coogee to Bondi. Although it had been started before by Lisa and myself (making it halfway before having to turn around and get to class) I had never finished the whole thing. Now I can gladly say that I have. The walk is a beautiful one, up the Australian coastline, and the water today in every cove shimmered a different shade of bright blue or green. Upon making it to Bondi we decided to have lunch at one of the outdoor patio restaurants only to discover shocking prices. An executive decision led to the choice of Oporto, a grilled chicken burger fast food place that has been raved about my many, but had not been tried by the 3 of us yet. Fortunately it passed our test, as we sat eating on a lawn overlooking the beach and ocean, although we did have to almost resort to violence to keep the seagulls away. Following lunch we headed to a little cafe where Lisa, Ryan and I had gotten dessert our first time in Bondi when we had roomate bonding time, and proceeded to each pick out a tasty treat for a snack. Once they were devoured we hopped onto a bus and headed home. A nap was definitely in order.


Sounds great - Can't wait to get there to see it with you! Dad and Mo
So this is how they study in Australia..............Mom
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