Sunday, June 06, 2004
I put this up a week ago and forgot to add the link, so without much fanfare I give you a few pictures of my apartment.


Love yor modern kitchen. looks even bigger than ours! But how do you manage in that small dining area?
Keep those pictures coming. We love to see them-anything that makes you seem a little closer.
Love from G and G.
Humble is OK but I'd say cozy. How does this compare by Aussie standards? My place in Tampa is a bit bigger and more American. I need the space this week with your brother sprawled out all over the place! Had dinner with Mike Kritzer last night and he sends his regards. He is doing great - I''m very proud of him! And your brother is sleeping! Very proud of the first Lange groupleader as well. Look forward to speaking soon!

Love, Dad
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