Friday, June 25, 2004
Frozen Fish
Just got home from a relaxing night out after catching the tail end of the Sydney International Film Festival. A bunch of us went out to see Seducing Dr. Lewis, although the actual French title translated to 'The Great Seduction'. It was about a small fishing town in Quebec, and their attempt to cajole a doctor to stay in the town so that a factory can open up there. It was a great, light comedy that brought lots of smiles, laughs and the inevitable awwws. In addition, the State Theatre, where it was shown, is a beautiful theatre, with a great attention to detail, and completely unflawed molding, which was impressive compared to the places in chicago which, despite their best efforts, continue to crumble away.

Refreshments were procured both before and after the movie. Prior to the film, we walked around the corner to a little hole in the wall cafe, walked down a narrow, rickety flight of stairs and had a quick drink, which in my case was a hot chocolate with 2 little marshmallows on the side. After the show about half of us remained to find a decent bar and a beer. We walked into a place, got our beers and less than 5 minutes later they turned the lights on and started telling us to leave. Not exactly the best customer service, as when we said that we'd just gotten our beers and no one told us they were closing we were told 'I just told you, now finish up and get out.' So we did, and resolved never to go back. Then just a quick walk to the bus stop; caught a bus in short order, came home and now get to sleep the night away.


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