Sunday, March 28, 2004
Sometimes its just fun to wander around a city seeing places you've never seen and hoping you don't stumble into a really bad part of town at the wrong time of day. That was what i did on Sunday. I had read about an open air marketplace that supposedly was every Sunday from 10 till 5 and decided at around 2 that I would go there. Got the bus and went down to Circular Quay (pronounced: key). Right after I got off the bus I saw a parade of men wearing kilts and playing the bagpipes and thought to myself that there must be something Scottish going on down there today. As I walked toawrds the Opera House (thinking that the market was along the strip of the harbour there, I heard lots of chanting and cheering. I turned the corner and saw thousands of people crowding the steps of the place. Many were carrying the flag of Greece or other Greek symbology and it turned out the parade had come from there. In addition, there were a number of politicians, both local and from far afield making speeches commemorating the glory of Greece. It turned out that Sunday was the anniversary of their incorporation into a nation. I stayed there for a while, listening, and then started walking towards the Harbour Bridge, figuring I would come across the marketplace that way. I walked along the piers, seeing the street performers (mostly people in odd costumes just standing there) that I was told accompany said market. I kept on walking, crossed under the bridge, and found myself in a somewhat deserted area that boasted a couple of playhouses and theatres, and not much else save for what looked like old warehouses undergoing redevelopment into condos. As I moved forward the area seemed to degrade quite rapidly until I was left with a choice of either proceeding into a somewhat dark tunnel where I could see several guys standing around or turn back. I opted to turn back and climbed a set of stairs I had seen a little ways back. Reaching the top I realized that I had found what I was looking for. The marketplace was there, in all its craftiness and overpriced foodstuffs. I wandered around there for an hour before heading into what is known as the Nurses Walk, which is really just a pedestrian lane lined with shops, although some parts of it seem like not too many people walk along it, as there were these narrow stairwells up to different levels some of which had stores and some just houses. I wanered around there, found a store that was closing and had 50% off evereything, but rejected the impulse buys of Pacifica crafts. Then I got a call from Lisa, who had met Laura in the city earlier, and was asked if I wanted to join them for pancakes on the rocks (A restaurant that was quite nearby). I met them and we headed over there, stopping at the information house cause we had no idea where it exactly was. We got in and had crepes for dinner, and then shared a Devil's Delight- 3 chocolate pancakes topped with chocolate syrup, strawberries, cream, and vanilla and chocolate ice cream. It was amazingly rich, but wonderful and we kept on eating even though we were well past full. Afterwards, we came home and I turned on my light only to have the bulb blow. When I went to change it, I took the bulb out (after eventually figuring out how Aussie sockets work- they don't screw in like at home) and then when I started putting the new one in there was a loud sound, a flash of blue sparks and some smoke and all the lights in the house went off. Turns out the fuse blew because something apparently short circuited when I was putting the new bulb in. Upon looking at it, I found that the whole casing had not been screwed in tight, and there was a gap into which something could have fallen and caused it to blow. So Lisa and I went out to Coles (the local grocery store) and tried to find a fuse, which they didn't sell. Class now- will finish later.


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