Wednesday, March 10, 2004
Well, it is here at least. Even if its not for all you who might be reading this shortly after its posting. Not too much new here to report, other than the fact that I will finally be online at home in a few days. It's always nerve racking waiting and waiting for the people to come hook up your internet connection, and the weeks drag by somewhat, but soon. Classes have been going well, nothing entirely shocking on that end, although I am quite happy with the profs, even if no one calls them that here. On Tuesday we (Myself, Ryan and Lisa) attempted to go to Watson's Bay for a movie at Lunarlight Cinema. It's one of the many outdoor movie things that they have going on here. So we took a bus to Bondi Junction, as the map showed another bus from there going all the way to where we needed to go from there. Unfortunately, it forgot to mention that the bus doesn't run between the hours of 2pm and 9pm, a time that might seem like an important time to have a bus route running. Regardless, it meant that we didn't get to see the movie, "When we were Kings", and instead went over to Bondi Beach. We walked around, looked at the shops, stopped in for happy hour at a pub and then tried out three different varieties of cake from some dessert shop. All were yummy (One was chocolate mouse and sponge, one was a poppy seed tart and one was chocolate rum cake). While eating them we had roommate bonding time and we all got to know bits about each other, which was nice as there were many aspects of their lives that I had absolutely no clue about. Later that evening we went down to the beach and played in the ocean for a little while (just really in the edges of the waves after they broke, but it still counted as the first Pacific dip for Lisa). Then we headed home and watched Mitchel, one of the great MST3k movies, and the one where Joel leaves. Mitchel! Mitchel! Mitchel!


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