Thursday, March 25, 2004
Still waiting
If I asked you to guess how many days we've had internet at home now and you said zero you'd be right. Despite many promises that it will be on by the end of the day,we are still waiting (and it's Friday here now). I actually have called them so often that I've gotten the same customer support people on the line twice. This morning I called at a few minutes after 8 am, and spoke with one of Optus's customer service reps. She told me she would call Telstra (who actually owns our line) at 9 when they open up to talk to them about it. After having gone through a similar thing in previous days where people ended up not calling them, or never getting back to me I decided that I would call them back at 9 and have someone else call Telstra for me while I was on the phone. (Telstra won't accept a call from me cause they aren't who I'm paying). So I call back at a few minutes after 9 and who do I get but the same woman. We both have a laugh over it, and then she disappears for like 30 minutes (and no, this is not an exaggeration as some of you may know I'm prone to do). At first I think she is just off doing something else cause she thought it was rude of me to call back when she said she would take care of it earlier. Instead she came back and told me that she had spoken to 6 people at Telstra and somehow the order had gotten screwed up and she assured me that it would be on by days end. Now, I've gotten similar assurances before but this time I feels slightly more confident in them. Now I'm off to the zoo and hopefully when I get back (after seeing all the koalas and kangaroos) I will be online at home.


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