Thursday, March 04, 2004
Locked out
Yestarday evening when I was locking up my computer I heard a weird click when I snapped the lock shut. That was my first clue that something was wrong. When I tried to open it back up I found that my combination no longer works. So now my laptop is chained to my bed and I can either try the 10000 combinations to see if one of them works, or find some way to cut this cable and see what I can do about getting my money back, which the company probably won't do, but dell might. Its just a hassle to have something that is supposed to help keep my laptop secure go nuts and now not let me even access it. Against my better judgement I started working through the combos and got through about 20% of them in an hour this morning. When I do get it open though I think I'll opt for a keyed lock instead as I know I don't lose things, and they don't have a button that can pop and change the key needed (I hope). So after that depressing morning I walked outside in my TMBG World Tour 2040 shirt and got stopped and asked where a guy could get the shirt. So that totally changed my morning and made me happy again. Now I have to fax something to the phone company so we can get a phone and internet set up quickly and then Im headed over to Watsons Bay with Lisa for a relaxing morning/afternoon till class at 6.


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