Saturday, March 20, 2004
We get an assignment for a class, and we need to use a specific computer lab to do it (as it requires a special circuit board attached to the computer). You would think that on the weekend we might be able to get into the lab to do some work on the assignment, but of course the lab access is restricted then because it contains equipment on which we might possibly hurt ourselves, and we must be supervised while in the lab. If the equipment really was dangerous (it isn't at all) I could understand this, but during the week we are allowed in without supervision. You'd think that by the time we are at this level of learning they would recognize that we need to be responsible for ourselves. The room already needs a special card to get in, and since they have video cameras covering every angle of the room its not like someone is going to just walk away with stuff. It's just frustrating and counterproductive to not be able to use the room we need at a time when we are likely to have the free time to work. In the scheme of things its not a big deal, but there are just a bunch of little things the school does that hampers the education process that seem counterproductive to helping the students learn.


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