Thursday, March 18, 2004
Kinda square and made of wood
I am a proud owner of a desk. Not your typical proud ownership, but its a nice feeling to have your own workspace after using a bed or common table for a few weeks. After trying a bunch of people for used ones, I got up early today and called some guy on a poster I saw who had lots of furniture to sell and I ended up going down to his place with Lisa. When we got there we called him and he said he'd let us right in. About 5 minutes later, right before we caled him again his voice came on the speaker (it was a nice apartment complex with speakers at the front door) and said he would open the door. We weren't quite sure what the wait was for, maybe it was a test. Anyway, we went upstairs and then he lead us through a maze of corridors and into the garage, which seemed to be a weird place to have furniture for sale, but wen he opened up his assigned garage, there was enough stuff there to open a used furniture store. Anyway, to make a long story short, we both picked out a desk we wanted, amd then managed to tie the 2 of them onto the trunk of his car and drove them to our place where we brought them up and made them at home. The experience was totally not what I expected, and the free ride home was definitely a nice surprise. Now mine just needs a little love (read: black paint on bits of the legs) and it will be perfect.


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