Monday, March 22, 2004
I will finally have internet at home starting tomorrow. (At least that's what they tell me, I'll believe it when I see it). It was supposed to be connected almost 2 weeks ago, but due to Optus losing our phone order once and our DSL order twice (and not being able to comment on the status of pending orders while their systems were down for three days) we still don't have it. The phone works, so we'll just have to see about the internet. They are supposed to call at some point today to confirm tomorrow's appointment but so far I haven't heard from them. If I don't hear by 3 I'm calling them. And to think that Telstra is supposed to be even more disorganized.
UPDATE: They called at about noon, and will be here tomorrow between 8 and 1 (better than the 8-5 I was told originally that it would be).


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