Tuesday, March 02, 2004
Flower patterns
So now we have a place to live and dishes to eat off of and even some food to consume. Along with that we also have a random assortment of towels, sheets, furniture and other stuff that makes a home a home. We should have a phone number within the next day or so, and internet within a week after that. Then it will really feel like home and I can get on IM again and talk to all the people who have been out of my life for a while. For those interested in writing the address is 6/4 Botany St. Randwick NSW 2031 Australia. Now I just have a ton of email to catch up on and then its off to todays class (Wednesday) at 6, Clinical Laboratory Science. My other classes are from 2-5 on Monday, Biological Signal Analysis, 5-8 on Monday, Biocompatability, and 6-9 on Thursday, Medical Instrumentation.


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