Saturday, March 13, 2004
Back again
Hopefully most of you didn't miss much by not having comments around for a day and a half or so. They are now back, and my site is entirely rebuilt, although some minor changes are now there. The 'major' differences are that the titles are now all small and gray, the first one is no longer bigger than the rest. Even the folks at blogger had no idea why that one was occuring and we have been unable to duplicate it. Since I never wanted it anyway it's all for the better. They believe there was some artifact in the code somewhere from when they gave everyone the ability to add titles that was causing it, and since that code is now gone and forgotten, its now gone and I can edit all of them. Also, the shade of gray is actually slightly darker, but unnoticeably so. In addition, the title bar has shrunk 20 pixels in size, and has gone to lowercase, which I just decided I liked better (and when I was figuring out how to edit other major properties of the page I figured I might as well do that also. I will also probably be switching commenting systems, with the result that all previous ones will be lost. Sad, but they are going to be charging starting in 2 months, and I cant justify spending $30 a year on comments when I can do it for free elsewhere. I would host them myself if I can figure out how, but will have to do a little research to figure out a secure way to do so. I'm sure there will be more little things changed over time as I play and tinker, but if they are important you will likely notice them yourself, but anything really fun and exciting I will let you all know about. Now back to playing.


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